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Culture & Territory is a multidisciplinary book series designed to widely disseminate approaches and problems related to cultural heritage and territorial development within a broad framework. This book publication offers a space for scientists from different disciplines, whose common goal is to discuss innovative methods and practices committed to the development of theory and research in scientific areas related to sustainability, planning sciences and participatory processes.

The objective is to develop and apply scientific methods to improve research, knowledge and practices on territorial development and cultural heritage. The main purpose of this publication is to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge about aspects related to knowledge, science and technology on culture and territory.

Vol.07 Territorial capacity and inclusion: Co-creating a public space with teenagers. C3Places Project
Carlos Smaniotto Costa, Marluci Menezes, Joana Solipa Batista – Authors
2023 -> N E W!
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ISBN 978-989-757-180-0 | ISSN 2184-8009| https://doi.org/10.60543/ecati/8svp-d513
Vol.06 Rios Urbanos na Ibero-América: Casos, Contextos e Experiências | Ríos Urbanos en Iberoamérica: Casos, contextos y experiencias
Carlos Smaniotto Costa, Marluci Menezes, Montserrat Pallares-Barbera, Gabriela Pastor, Eliana do Pilar Rocha, Klinge O. Villalba Condori – Authors & Editors
2022 -> coming soon!
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ISBN 978-989-757-239-5 | ISSN 2184-8009 | https://doi.org/10.60543/ecati/4tk9-1a66
Vol.05 Understanding and Transforming the Territory – New Approaches and Perspectives | A Apropriação e a Transformação do Território – Novas Abordagens e Perspetivas
Carlos Smaniotto Costa & Nagayamma Aragão – Authors & Editors
2023 -> to be released in September 30, 2023!
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ISBN 978-989-757-181-7 | ISSN 2184-8009 | https://doi.org/ 10.60543/ecati/7e73-ca53
Vol.04 Co-Creation of Public Open Spaces. Practice – Reflection – Learning
Carlos Smaniotto Costa, Monika Mačiulienė, Marluci Menezes & Barbara Goličnik Marušić – Authors & Editors
PDF (entire book) | Table of Contents
ISBN 978-989-757-125-1 | ISSN 2184-8009 | https://doi.org/10.24140/2020-sct-vol.4
Vol.03 – Neighbourhood & City. Between digital and analogue perspectives
Vol.03 – Bairro & Cidade. Entre perspetivas digitais e análogas

Marluci Menezes & Carlos Smaniotto Costa – Authors & Editors
PDF (entire book) | Table of Contents
ISBN 978-989-757-077-3 | ISSN 2184-8009

Vol.02 – The Making Of The Mediated Public Space. Essays on emerging urban phenomena
Carlos Smaniotto Costa & Konstantinos Ioannidis – Authors & Editors
PDF (entire book) | Table of Contents
ISBN 978-989-757-059-9 | ISSN 2184-8009

Vol.01 – Enhancing Places through Technology
Antoine Zammit & Therese Kenna – Editors
PDF (entire book)
ISBN 978-989-757-055-1| ISSN 2184-8009

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