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Culture & Territory

Culture & Territory is a multidisciplinary book series designed to widely disseminate approaches and problems related to cultural heritage and territorial development within a broad framework. This book publication offers a space for scientists from different disciplines, whose common goal is to discuss innovative methods and practices committed to the development of theory and research in scientific areas related to sustainability, planning sciences and participatory processes.

The objective is to develop and apply scientific methods to improve research, knowledge and practices on territorial development and cultural heritage. The main purpose of this publication is to contribute to the dissemination of scientific knowledge about aspects related to knowledge, science and technology on culture and territory.


Here you can find a selection of open access publications by the Urban Planning team at Lusófona. Please also consult our own publications at Publications.

  • Smaniotto Costa, C., Aragão, N., Santos, I., & Carvalho, D. (2022). Largo da Peça in Benguela (Angola) and the Municipal Market in São Tomé (Sao Tomé and Príncipe). The Journal of Public Space, 7 (1). | DOI:
  • Pilar Rocha, E.; Smaniotto Costa, C. (2022). O efeito metrópole de Curitiba: as configurações espaciais e os reflexos socioambientais da periferização. e-cadernos CES, 36, 131-148. | DOI:
  • Pilar Rocha, E.; Smaniotto Costa, C. (2022). The gated communities and their socio-spatial configurations in the Metropolitan Region of Curitiba, Brazil. In Balkiz Yapicioglu and Konstantinos Lalenis (Eds.) Boundaries and Restricted Places. The Immured Space. Elgar Studies in Planning Theory, Policy and Practice, 155-168. | DOI:
  • maniotto Costa, C. (2021). A Cidade e a Natureza - A natureza de uma complicada relação. In Lopes, M.S.B., Bragança, L. (Org.) Natureza Política: Rupturas, Aproximações e Figurações Possíveis. Belo Horizonte: Agência de Iniciativas Cidadãs, 52-79.
  • Smaniotto Costa, C.; Menezes, M.; Ivanova-Radovanova, P.; Ruchinskaya, T.; Lalenis, K.; Bocci, M. (2021). Planning Perspectives and Approaches for Activating Underground Built Heritage. Sustainability 13, 10349. | DOI:
  • Smaniotto Costa, C., Batista, J.S., Menezes, M. (2021). What happens when teenagers reason about public open spaces? Lessons learnt from co-creation in Lisbon. Cidades, Comunidades e Territórios, 7, 1-17.  Available at | DOI:
  • Kimic, K.; Smaniotto Costa, C.; Negulescu, M. (2021). Creating Tourism Destinations of Underground Built Heritage - The Cases of Salt Mines in Poland, Portugal, and Romania. Sustainability, 13, 9676. | DOI:
  • Smaniotto Costa, C. (2021). Informal Planning Approaches in Activating Underground Built Heritage. In Pace, G. and Salvarani, R. (Eds.) Underground Built Heritage Valorisation. A Handbook. Rome: edizioni - Consiglio Nazionale delle Recerche,185-196 | DOI:
  • Smaniotto Costa, C., Solipa Batista, J., Menezes, M. (2021). Co-Creation of Teenager-Sensitive Public Spaces. The C3Places Project Living Labs in Lisbon, Portugal. Focus, Journal of the City and Regional Planning Department, San Luis Obispo, Ca: Vol. 17: 52-62. Available at: FOCUS Journals